This is the story of Nenne, Italian girl, 23 years old, originally from Sestri Levante, Liguria and moved to Milano where she is studying for a bachelor in Tourism at the University IULM.

Irene is a sunny, determinate, passionate, enthusiastic person who loves human connections.
She works hard to reach her life goals and never stop, improving and doing more but at the same time admiring in which point of her life she is, being satisfied of the results.
She is a writer and she is working to be a travel blogger.
Her second name is globetrotter, travel addicted with the wanderlust syndrome.


Started in 2016, on WordPress as travel blog and story telling, during her Exchange in Australia, This is Nenne is a journey of a woman who will walk throw the art of travel, friendship, love, family, dreams, passion, fears and courage, happiness and sadness, memories, values…

Everything started combining the passion of writing, travelling and humans, staying in contact with the people.

When Nenne left for Australia she promised herself one day she would have been the one who will help the travellers, the dreamers, the believers, the young, the adventures as she is, sharing her life experiences, making them a shared treasure.
Everything happens for a reason, the people we meet, the place we visit and we live, the dreams we reach, the things we fail and this entire life is a journey that deserves to be told.
Follow me into my storytelling and lets be part of it.

This Is Nenne is on Facebook as well, with a personal page,  where will be posted pictures, significant quotes for Nenne, videos chapters of her life experiences. The wish is to share her stories making the people smile & happy, involved & excited.

Divertitevi, sorridete, emozionatevi e viaggiate con la fantasia nella mente e nel corpo, leggendo i racconti della Nenne vagabonda.

Live the life you love and Love the life you live.

Heaps of love,